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Connecticut FileMaker Developers Group

Welcome to our home on the web. The Connecticut FileMaker Developers' Group (CFDG) is dedicated to sharing information among peers about industry news, development techniques and business best practices. We usually meet on a monthly basis at Connecticut Central State University (CCSU) in New Britain, Connecticut. The group is open to all and we welcome you to attend. Please bookmark this site as your source for up-to-date information about the CFDG.

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This site is set up as a Wiki. Our Wiki Needs contributors. This will allow anyone who is given permission the ability to edit this site and make changes as they see fit all from the comfort of their web browser. It is easy to edit pages and set up links. You can even upload images and other files for visitors to see and download.

Things you can do to help this site

  • Update notes about Meetings
  • Add links to the Links page
  • Add Tips to the Tips page
  • Fix any typo's you see
  • Get other sites to link to us

To get permission to edit this site, you need to be related in some way to the Connecticut Filemaker Developer's Group. To request an account, e-mail Tim Neudecker of Kyo Logic, LLC and an account will be issued.

Next meeting

October 19th 2016, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Ken d'Oronzio of Paradise Partners, Inc. will be presenting soSIMPLE Calendar!

What is soSIMPLE Calendar?

soSIMPLE Calendar was introduced in 2011 as a revolutionary way to integrate calendars into FileMaker solutions. By configuring a calendar in our Settings tool and pasting a single string into a web viewer, you can create a fast, dynamic, and interactive calendar.

This past year we've expanded the calendar to encompass over 28 different views including a powerful series of Google map views, an infinitely adjustable timeline, and multiple resource views. It's the ONLY tool we're aware of, where a single calendar setting can work:

• inside FileMaker Pro

• inside FileMaker Go,

• on your website,

• as a mobile web app,

• in WebDirect

• and in iCal.

It can work offline in your satellite office, and on your FileMaker Server as a shared calendar.

The latest release modernizes our smartphone calendar and adds synchronization between your standalone calendars and your server-based calendar.

2016 Meeting Dates:

We try to meet on the third or fourth Wednesday of the month. There are a few dates that are shifted by one week to accommodate campus activities. The meeting dates for 2016 at CCSU Are as follows:

October 19th, 2016

November 23rd, 2016

December 14th, 2016

Directions to Our Regular Meeting site at CCSU

We meet in the student center, just ask at the info desk for the room (it changes each month based on availability. Directions to the CCSU New Britain campus can be found at: CCSU WebSite

Here is a Google maps link showing the location of the CCSU campus and an interactive map of the campus. Parking is available in the Student Center Garage located adjacent to the Student Center.

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